Quinta da Penseira

In the heart of the Silgueiros sub-region of the Região Demarcada do Dão, is the Quinta da Penseira. The Estate that the owner acquired in 1996 and ever since has been restructuring the century old vineyards using modern technology but always respecting the culture traditions of the region. The history of Silgueiros can be traced back 4000 years. The Lagaretas (stone structures used for wine making) and Campas Antropomorficas (burial sites set in stone) are evidence of the Roman and Moorish colonization over 800 years ago. The “penseira “region where the Estate is today has one of these burial sites next to an oak tree which is the Estate’s “ex-libris”. The reason for the name “penseira” doesn’t have a convincing explanation, but it seems that the slope overlooking the Dão river, facing South, with great beauty and natural grandness, was a site where the locals enjoyed the amazing landscape with it´s beauty and grandness finding the peace of mind and tranquillity they longed for in their daily routine. Similarly, the owner mesmerized by the beauty of the landscape decided to build his natural refuge, combining the pleasure of enjoying nature with the possibility of recreating the prestige of the traditional Vinhos de Quinta for which the Dão region was once known. That enterprise is only possible due to the excellent local characteristics of soil and climate and his personal interest in viticulture and wine production which have developed in the latter years as an industry man in another country.